Download YoWhatsApp Official APK v9.52 (Jan 2023)

Time flies very quickly, and so do apps and games for Android; We all loved GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold from GB Team developers. But since they completely stopped developing it, YoWhatsApp saved the modded WhatsApp users.

YoWhatsApp has all the features that were on GbWhatsApp, the developers have added some other hidden features which we are going to list in this article below. Remember that installing modified WhatsApp is not allowed by WhatsApp administrators. You can test it but don’t use it for a long time, because it may lead to account ban.

Download YOWhatsApp 2023

Check full details of YoWhatsApp APK developers, total number of downloads, version info, and app size:

App Name: YoWhatsApp (com.yowhatsapp)

Version: number 9.52

downloads: +5,000,000

Compatible Android versions: Android 7.0+

The size of the application is: 44 MB

The main task: All Whatsapp features with Some Hidden Features.

Developer: Fouad Mokdad.

YoWhatsApp is free to use and can be installed with two other WhatsApp accounts on your Android smartphone. If you want to install YoWhatsApp alongside the official WhatsApp, click to download.

WhatsApp messages have become an integral part of our lives, whether it is early morning when we wake up or while we sleep. We always open WhatsApp messenger and check messages for personal and business purposes. But sometimes, we struggle to fight for privacy as things have become transparent on WhatsApp lately. Yo WhatsApp comes here to save us from hiding our online activity and using WhatsApp as an anonymous person.

About YoWhatsapp

YoWhatsApp is completely different from other modified WhatsApp apps. The uniqueness of this design is that the navigation is together, and you can customize the app according to your choice. You can set the chat conversation size, set privacy for the individuals in your contact list, and much more.

Features of YoWhatsApp 2023

If you are planning to install YoWhatsApp APK, download the latest version and use it; Then, get ready to go because this package will make you enjoy every bit of it.

Privacy and security

  • Freeze Last Seen: Go to Yo Mod > Privacy & Security > Freeze Last Seen
  • Disable Forwarded Messages: This allows you to have messages resent by someone without showing the ‘forwarded flag’ to the recipient.
  • Who can contact me: You can select everyone / my contacts / my contacts expect / select specific contacts or no one.
  • Custom privacy.
  • Hide View Status: Don’t let others in when viewing their stories/status.
  • Anti-Delete Status: Deleted statuses/stories will not be deleted for you.
  • Anti-Delete Messages: When other people delete messages, they will remain yours.
  • Show blue ticks after reply: The contact will only see blue ticks after they have been answered.

Contacts group privacy:

  • Hide the blue read signal

Hide the second tag

  • Hide the blue microphone
  • Hide writing
  • Hide the recording.
  • Lock WhatsApp: Lock the app with an inbuilt lock system through fingerprint/pattern/code.

Yo WhatsApp themes

Regular WhatsApp does not have any option to change the user interface of the app. Even the parent company has brought a dark theme for Facebook Messenger but not WhatsApp, which has a large user base. Don’t worry; YoWhatsApp uses the WhatsApp Plus database with over 5000 themes that can be downloaded and installed for free.

You can apply themes of different types, from a light theme to a dark theme to match your outfit. You can download and upload themes from the SD card. save and restore for later use; You can even delete them all and start over.

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