It is considered one of the best free programs ever, which is used to photograph a lot of the computer screen or desktop, and this is done through video, and this is done with high quality and unparalleled efficiency, and not only that, but this program works to capture the screen completely and filming A specific part of it, and the user selects it or selects a specific part of the screen or a specific operating window. As we said earlier, this program is a free program that offers all its services for free and without any fees or costs at all.

What are the advantages of the lightshot program for the computer?

1- Effective: The Lightshot program is one of the effective programs that works on capturing the user’s screen, as it captures all the user’s movements and the commands that he receives, as it records the screen as video files in order to save that video in place that the user selects.
2- Filming video files: This program is very wonderful, as it is one of the distinguished computer programs and is able to shoot video files that work on the computer with ease, and this wonderful application works to record all the sounds on the computer as this matter is done through input tools Which is represented in the microphone and recording all internal sounds.
3- Size: The lightshot program is very small in size, but it has a lot of great capabilities, with unparalleled high quality and efficiency, and it is suitable for everyone without exception, as it is one of the wonderful and very distinctive programs.

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